Dozens of students of Mining Engineering of Padang State University on Thursday, April 25, 2019 visited the Central Management Office (Campus) of PT DAHANA (Persero) in Subang Regency. They were at Dahana as a part of their industrial visits they scheduled to do with other industrial companies.

The students’ tour started in April 21, 2019, and the group of 52 students travelled overland to some locations and arrived at DAHANA Subang on Thursday (4/25) morning.

Zeco Kusnadi Putra, one of the students who participated in the industry visit to Dahana, said that this activity is an annual routine agenda held by 4th semester students. DAHANA is one of the companies that must be visited.
“DAHANA is very closely related to the mining industry, as a company providing explosives for mining, therefore as mining students it is mandatory for us to come here (Dahana),” Zeco explained to Dfile.

Zeco also said, as he heard from his senior that with regards to their regarding visit to Dahana, they would only get exposure to information in the classroom, and do a plan tour around the ring 1 area, an explosive industry factory area.

But apparently, during the occasion, DAHANA offered different thing. “Before coming to Dahana, the senior informed that we would only get classroom materials and short plant tour despite the fact that we would like to see the production process, “Zeco said.

But to their surprise, this group of 52 students had permission to enter the factory area. “Thank God, we were given the opportunity to see the production process this time,” Zeco said.

In addition to seeing the production process of production of bombs, students were invited to see the quality test blasting process in the bunker area. They were also allowed to enter the bunker, seeing the blaster in charge of detonating for quality test process.

“Finally, I was able to see and hear the DAHANA bomb blown directly, seeing the quality test process,” Zeco explained happily.

The visit to DAHANA is said to be more memorable as it was in line their with expectations. “It is a memorable visit. We have the knowledge of mining explosives, and also knew about DAHANA. Thank you Dahana for the warm welcome, “he concluded. (SYA)