In support to students’ creativity in the arts and sports, PT DAHANA provides educational assistance to the State Junior High School 1 Cibogo. The assistance package was handed over by the Head of DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Eman Suherman to the Principal of SMPN 1 Cibogo, Mohamad Edi Suryadi, Thursday morning, March 17, 2022.


Mr Suherman said that his institution is committed to supporting continuing education activities, in accordance with the major focus of Social and Environmental Responsibility activities in 2022. Since the beginning of the year up to the present time, the institution has provided various educational assistances to the surrounding community, among others is the availability of the Company’s nursery for use as Nursery Edu Park, as a learning area for agricultural students.


“DAHANA’s Social and Environment Responsibility work program in 2022 focuses on education and therefore we will support activities related to education,” said Mr Suherman.


The notion was welcomed by Edi Suryadi, Principal of Cibogo 1 Junior High School, saying that the school is very happy as amidst the celebration of the school’s anniversary under the theme ‘Contributing to Building the Country in 38 Years of Service;, DAHANA also enlivened the annual event by providing educational assistance that supports the academic activities of its students.


“We are very happy to be able to contribute with DAHANA for advancement of the education of our students in the academic field. I hope this collaboration can add value to both parties,” said Mr Suryadi.


Education is a pillar of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which is the focus of the allocation of Social and Environment Responsibility Program as mandated by the Ministry of SOEs in the SOE Ministerial Regulation number PER-05/MBU/04/2021 on SOEs’ Social and Environmental Responsibility Programs.


Apart from the Nursery Edupark and assistance with educational facilities, DAHANA also allocated its Social and Environmental Responsibility funds for scholarships for employees and the community. Each year DAHANA also holds a DAHANA CSR week packed with various activities to help improve academic culture among students throughout Subang Regency.


“Every year there we have a DAHANA CSR Week. We always make a special space available for the student communities in with academic competitions in Subang. DAHANA also focuses on increasing community literacy by providing Taman Canda which has a collection of thousands of reading materials,” concluded Mr Suherman.