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Lumajang, December 21, 2021. The Defense Industry SOEs (Indhan) delivered assistance to casualties of Mount Semeru eruption. The delivery was organized by the Social and Environmental Responsibility Team (TJSL) through the Mai Posko in Pasirian Village and the Penanggal Command Post, Lumajang on Tuesday, December 21, 2021.


According to the TJSL Coordinator of the Defense Industry SOEs, Donny Gunawan, the delivery of assistance from Indhan SOEs is a form of solidarity among the nation’s citizens  for the casualties of Mount Semeru eruption. He also hoped that the casualties can recover soon and rise from the disaster that is still threatening the people’s lives until now.


“We’d like to convey our deepest condolences to the casualties of the eruption of Mount Semeru, and we hope that the community will recover both morally and materially. As a state-owned company, it is the duty of the Defense Industry SOEs to help each other to ease the burden on people who are experiencing disasters,” said Mr Gunawan.


The Defense Industry SOEs’ TJSL consisting of PT Len Industri (Persero), PT PAL Indonesia (Persero), PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero), PT PINDAD (Persero) and PT DAHANA (Persero) departed together from the PAL Office in Surabaya to Lumajang abd directly handed over a total aid of Rp. 245 million. Some of the assistance is delivered in the form of goods for community needs, partly in the form of cash to help build a temporary shelter for people who have lost their homes.


Meanwhile, acting Head of the National Board of Disaster Information and Communication Data Center, Abdul Muhari, said that until now, the eruption had destroyed thousands of people’s houses and their livelihoods, forcing some 10,400 residents to stay in evacuation in 406 refugee points spread across three sub-districts in Lumajang Regency.


Refugee stations are still focused on meeting the basic needs of refugees, such as food, health and education. On the other hand, The National Disaster Mitigation Board and volunteers are still trying to clear the area of ​​land in Sumber Mujur village which is planned to be a place for relocation of casualties.


As is known, this joint concern for the Defense Industry SOE’s is not the first. Previously, 5 SOEs of the Defense Industry were also involved in the action of saving the coast by planting trees in Legon Kulon, Subang Regency on December 10, 2021.


Currently, the Defense Industry SOEs Holding is in the final stages of forming the organization. Collaborative activities among Defense Industry SOEs are increasingly intensive as a consolidation step. PT Len Industri (Persero) will focus on the C5ISR Platform along with MRO and 3-dimensional integration solutions (interoperability) through Network Centric Warfare as the holding parent; PT Pindad (Persero) has a focus on land-based platforms, MRO and the provision of weapons and munitions; PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) with a focus on airborne and MRO platforms; PT Pal Indonesia (Persero) with a focus on developing marine and MRO units; and PT DAHANA (Persero) with a focus on product development of energetic materials (explosives/propellants) for all dimensions of defense.




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