Following the inauguration on April 20, DEFEND ID speeded up its work to achieve the vision for fulfillment of the independence of the Main Weapon System Equipment (Alutsista) and the National Defense and Security Equipment Tool (Alpalhankam). One of them is done by integrating all the facilities owned by the five member companies of DEFEND ID. The Integration Team 3 in charge of Operations, Manufacturing, and Business Process integration, visited DAHANA’s High Energy Materials Center located in Cibogo, Subang Regency on Friday, 17 June 2022.

DAHANA’s Vice President of Energetic Material Center (EMC), Benny Gunawan, told the integration team that DAHANA has a variety of complete facilities such as production, warehousing, laboratories and other supporting facilities.

“Apart from that, for the security of DAHANA’s ring 1 area, we strictly limit visitors. This is a National Vital Object, therefore only visitors with a permit can make visits. I also hope that the visit of the Integration Team 3 can bring Indonesia’s progress in the defense industry,” said Mr Gunawan.

Meanwhile, SGM Manufacturing Center PT Len Industri (Persero), Sentot Rakhmad Abdi,  said that the visit of the Integration Team 3 times was aimed at getting more information about the facilities owned by each DEFEND ID company, and identifying what facilities can be maximized to achieve strong independent defense industry.

“Indonesia is a huge country. It is our task to support and create resilience and independence of the defense industry, as well as build collaboration among companies that are members of DEFEND ID,” said Mr Abdi.

After getting an explanation of the facilities owned by DAHANA, representatives of the Integration Team 3 DEFEND ID had the opportunity to take the plant tour to the energetic material area which included the visit to the propellant/NG facility, Elemented Detonator Factory and Cartridge Emulsion.

DEFEND ID is a state-owned holding company in the defense industry with PT Len Industri (Persero) as the parent, with members PT Pindad, PT Dahana, PT Dirgantara Indonesia and PT PAL Indonesia. DEFEND ID has the task of increasing the Domestic Content Level (TKDN) and penetrating the top 50 of the world’s defense industry.