SUBANG – Indonesian Defense Industry Holding DEFEND ID held an SME Digitalization Training under the theme of “Development of SME Level by Means of Go Digital”. The series of activities the Holding’s First Anniversary series were held at Len Techno Park, Subang and online via Zoom on Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

The Head of Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) of Len Industry, Emma Sri Sakti said that the training was given by DEFEND ID which consists of Len Industri as the parent holding, PINDAD, PAL, PTDI, and DAHANA. This program is part of the Company’s commitment to environmental, social and community development.

“Therefore, we, SER of DEFEND ID, work together to optimize the MSE training program to help the Company advance in the digital era. MSEs in Indonesia carry a big role in the country’s economic growth. As for the current conditions, where MSEs are trying to get back on their feet after the Covid-19 pandemic, we SER of SOEs Defense Industry wishes to help MSEs by going digital to make sure that MSEs in Indonesia can compete and go international,” said Emma.

In the activity, DEFEND ID collaborated with various parties to become speakers including Budiana Yusuf ( who talked about “Advertising Content Creation and Product Promotion Through Media”, Tanti Sri Gandini (Subang Regency Government Procurement Service Unit) who discussed ” Product Marketing through Government E-Catalogue”, as well as Muhammad Agung (Genpro Pasundan Area) who gave the topic on “Optimizing Product Marketing through TikTok”.

In his presentation, Mr Yusuf revealed technical issues of about marketing procedures using social media, starting from making packaging that attracts consumers’ attention, product photos, video editing, to utilizing e-commerce channels that provide live features as a means of promotion.

Meanwhile Miss Gandini elaborated the benefits of local catalogues for product providers, including the ability to carry out electronic transactions with the government, expanding business opportunities and product marketing reach, reducing marketing costs for more efficiency, creating fair and healthy business competition, attempting effectiveness and efficiency in financial records, as well as ease of transaction.

Finally, Mr Agung told the training participants about the important role of TikTok in current product marketing. Agung claimed that TikTok can reach the right audience with its sophisticated algorithm, apart from the fact that costs used in TikTok promotions are also relatively low and even free. Currently, TikTok also has an e-commerce feature that makes it easier for MSEs and potential buyers to make transactions.

This activity was a collaborative work with the SER of members of Holding DEFEND ID, which are increasingly making more collaborative work for carrying out social care and responsibility programs. This was confirmed by the Head of DAHANA’s SER, Eman Suherman.

“With this training, we hope that more DEFEND ID foster partners will penetrate national and global markets. This is not a mere figment; several DAHANA’s fostered partners have succeeded in penetrating the international market, among others are MSEs engaged in the coffee industry and creative industries,” said Mr Suherman.


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