DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) never stops producing explosives; it is the commitment of the national producer of explosive and related services to respond to the customer’s demand for effective and efficient drilling and blasting work.

Blasting area is characterized with varied condition of rocks and geology and therefore effective and efficient products are required for each of the specific needs. PT DAHANA (Persero) offers various related products, among others, is Dayagel Pre-Split which belongs to DAHANA’s Dayagel Series.

“Dayagel Pre-Split is specially designed for pre-split blasting to ensure fine walls, slope stability and safer blasting control during blasting. Dayagel Pre-Split is widely used in final wall blasting operation where holes are drilled in small diameter and closer spacing,” said Abdul  Haris Atbaro, General Manager of General Mining Division 2, 2 PT DAHANA (Persero).

In addition, Dayagel Pre-Split is packaged in a standard cartridge standard that comes in two dimensions sizes namely diameter 26mm and length of  44 mm, and  diameter 32 with length of  44 mm. Set of  Dayagel Pre-Split can be cut in adjustment to the desired length or extended for deeper holes.

“The product is applies by directly attaching detonator to the external detonating cord at the Dayagel Pre-Split emulsian package. Each of package for each holes may be connected by means of detonating cor for simultaneous blasting, while initiation is generated by using detonator at the external detonating cord. This product is not suitable for use at the reactive rocks nor is recommended for hot ground holes with a temperature of above 55 degrees Centigrade,” explained Abdul Haris.

Technically, Dayagel Pre-Split has a nominal density of 1.23g/cc, and minimum VOD of 4500-5500 m/s. This product also has high REE (Relative Effective Energy) for effective blasting, with Weight Strength (relative to ANFO) = 100% @ 0.8 g/cc 112%, ands Bulk strength (relative to ANFO = 100% @ 0.8 g/cc 188%. (yq)