PT DAHANA’s (Persero) implementation of Environmental Social Responsibility Program (TJSL) in the field of public health keeps moving. One of them is DAHANA’s participation in the agenda of socializing the Supplementary Food Program (PMT) for toddlers in Cisaga Village, Cibogo District, Subang on Thursday, March 18, 2021.


The PMT program given by DAHANA is an ongoing program as an effort to prevent stunting or stunted growth and development of children resulting from lack of nutritional intake.


The Subang Regency Government has set zero stunting scheme in its area following the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) program. DAHANA through the TJSL Work Unit has been involved in stunting eradication programs in Subang Regency.


“DAHANA, under its Social and Environmental Responsibility section, has been involved in stunting eradication programs in Subang Regency,” said Eman Suherman, Head of TJSL DAHANA.


According to Eman, stunting that has hit Subang Regency can be resolved. This  can be seen from the stunting data which show a trend of decline every year. He is optimistic that Subang can be free from stunting problems as soon as possible and DAHANA is ready to collaborate with related parties for  acceleration of such stunting eradication.


“We are committed to realizing zero stunting, especially in Subang Regency. We will not  let another child in Subang suffer from malnutrition,” continued Eman.


Apart from that,  the socialization of the PMT program serves as a forum for improving gender equality which is one of the focuses of the SDGs. This is reflected in the active participation of women within the stunting eradication program, female health center cadres who are at the forefront of the PMT socialization program at the grassroots. (rmt)