Located at the firing range of the Suryadarma Kalijati Subang Airfield, on Wednesday (05/08/2020), The Commander of the Suryadarma Air Base, First Marshal, Djohn Amarul, S.AB, held a national gathering by inviting several agencies, including the Indonesian Army, Indonesian Police, regional government officials, SOE’s and private parties from Subang Regency, West Java.

During the occasion, President Director of PT DAHANA (Persero) Budi Antono accompanied by Corporate Secretary Asep Maskandar and Senior Manager of Corporate Services Andri P. Kartiko attended Commander of Suryadarma Kalijati Subang Airbase’s invitation.

In his remarks, Commander of the Suryadarma Airbase, First Marshal Djohn Amarul, S.AB conveyed messages which asked to collaboratively build Subang Regency and develop the existing potentials so that Subang Regency can go international and recognized by foreign countries.

“The Indonesian Army carrier two functions, namely a function to fight and a function to develop. Currently our country is not at war, so the troops and I under my command are ready to assist and support the programs of the Regent of Subang to realize Subang JAWARA. Let us unite the determination and strength of all parties to jointly advance Subang Regency, “said Djohn Amarul in his welcome speech.

Budi Antono welcomed this event as a way for friendship and to establish better communication among elements of leaders within the Subang Regency.

“Thank you for inviting DAHANA. Let’s advance Subang. So far DAHANA has distributed many CSR programs and has committed to channeling most of its CSR funds to be allocated in Subang Regency as a form of corporate responsibility to participate in helping develop the progress of the Subang area, “said Budi Antono.

This national gathering agenda began with remarks from Commander of Suryadarma Kalijati SubangAirbase , TNI First Marshal Djohn Amarul, S.AB then remarks from the Regent of Subang District H. Ruhimat which was continued with joint shooting exercises and a visit to a historical house in the Suryadarma Kalijati Subang Air Base. Armed with 10 bullets, Budi Antono managed to hit the target by 8 shots. (rmt)