The 1985 Naval Academy alumnus was entitled Doctorate in Economics, majoring in Strategic Management.

President Commissioner of PT DAHANA (Persero) Vice Admiral Agus Setiadji earned a doctorate degree. Agus Setiadji successfully defended his dissertation entitled “The Effect of Strategic Planning and Human Resources Competence on Organizational Performance through Strategic Change Management in Indonesia’s Ministry of Defence ” in front of examiners during the open examination session of Doctoral Promotion in the Economic Science Program in Strategic Management Concentration. The open examination session was held at the Faculty of Economics at Trisakti University on Tuesday, December 17, 2019.

Agus had previously written various scientific papers in the field of defence. One of the papers under title “Firepower Indonesia: Assessment Study of the Maritime Combat National Power” was distributed to guests of the doctoral examination session was. There are many scientific works of Agus published both as scientific journals and books.

Agus said that he had to sacrifice his family time to attend lectures which were given on Saturdays and Sundays. However, his determination to studying did not give much choice other than dividing the time in between.

“I should thank the family, especially my wife and children, for giving me support to complete the study,” Agus Setiadji said.

Following the board of examiner’s meeting, Agus was declared as graduated with Cumlaude title by the Chairman of the Examining Team, Prof. dr. Ali Gufron Mukti. MSc. PhD. Now the 1985 Naval Academy alumnus is entitled to hold a Doctorate in Economics, with concentration in Strategic Management.

“In consideration of achievements, perseverance, accuracy, and strategic answers in the open doctoral hearings and hard work during the education process at Trisakti University, the doctoral candidate Agus Setiadji, has the right to hold a Doctorate in Economics, Strategic Management Concentration with Cum Laude awards along with the rights and obligations as well as the honor inherent in it, “said Chairman of the examination team.

After the session, attendees congratulated Agus, including the Board of Commissioners of PT DAHANA (Persero) Rezki Ferianto and Rina Moreta, along with PT DAHANA (Persero) President Director Budi Antono, Director of Technology and Development Wildan Widarman, and Director of Finance and HR Asmorohadi. They took pictures afterwards. (yz)