PT DAHANA (Persero) sent two representatives to be speakers at Rock Breakage & Fragmentation Workshop 2018 held by Balinga Utama: Workshop and Training Organizer, in Prime Plaza Hotel, Jogjakarta, 9 – 10 October 2018.

The workshop gave training to lecturers, students and professionals in comprehension of processes for rock breakage in mining fragmentation..
One of DAHANA’s speakers, Dadan Munawar, DTU 2 Senior Manager, explained to all the participants about Blasting at Limited Distance with E*STAR Electronic Detonators Initiation System that DAHANA has been applying to DAHANA’s project sites.

Blasting process in critical areas are frequently exposed to three elements of issue, namely social community, vibration and fragmentation. Dadan also explained the process that DAHANA undertakes before a blasting process in consideration of the said elements.

“Prior to a blasting process, we identify the possible critical area, conduct the necessary socialization and discussion with the local people living near the mining area. ”We give the necessary safety education to the local people and regularly monitor the effect of blasting,” said Dadan.

In addition to that, Dadan explained the advantage of E*STAR which produces excellent fragmentation quality and reduce blasting cost on the same time. He also shared the success of blasting using E*STAR application done by DAHANA at PIT CT2 Site Adaro.