PT DAHANA (Persero), a State-Owned Enterprise in explosives production does not only develop its products and technology, but also continues to improve its services on its business lines. One of them is the Oil & Gas Division, which is currently preparing new services for oil and gas exploration.

DAHANA, in an oil and gas exploration, is usually a supplier or provider of explosives, including the seismic survey stage activities. Seismic survey is one method of oil and gas exploration to determine the subsurface structure of the earth layer. The results of the seismic survey, the subsurface data, will then be further analyzed for the determination of the presence or absence of hydrocarbon potential for oil and gas.

“In this activity, DAHANA is usually involved in providing explosives only, but now DAHANA has improved new services, namely Preloading Service for Seismic Explosives,” explained Arif Hidayat, Assistant Manager of Customer Relation of Oil & Gas Division of PT DAHANA (Persero).

Seismic explosive preloading is one of the activities in seismic surveys. This preloading activity is the work of inserting Dayagel Seismic explosives into shootpoint holes in seismic surveys.

“This Preloading service covers the quality control process of shootpoint conditions, sequencing of seismic explosives, loading seismic explosives into the shootpoint, and tamping or closing of shootpoint,” he said.
The new service activities of the Oil and Gas Division, explained Arif, are certainly very different from the previous service of only a provider of explosives. Preloading services for seismic explosives must prepare a strong and skilled team since extra stamina is needed in the process of activities.

“This service requires extra physical strength and stamina because the location of the shootpoint can be in the area of forests and swamps and can only be reached on foot, as well as the distance of the shootpoint in 50 meter intervals,” Arif told Dfile.

The team to handle the service, Arif explained, had been prepared and had received training and certification. In the near future, it will be deployed to handle the on-going seismic survey activities.(SYA)