Subang, 15 October 2018. DAHANA’s annual CSR FAIR 2018 was officially opened on Monday, October 15, 2018. The peak of CSR program activity of this explosive manufacturing company was packed by many events which lasted from 15 to 19 October 2018 at Bale Dahana building in Subang.

“This is the peak of DAHANA CSR events in 2018. We have some programs which reach for many segments of our stakeholders,” stated Y. Agus Setiawan, Chief of DAHANA CSR FAIR 2018, who is also Senior Manager for Legal and Communication of PT DAHANA (Persero).

DAHANA CSR Fair is the Company’s annual event in observation of DAHANA’s anniversary, thus year being its 52nd anniversary. DAHANA planned some of the anniversary agenda with some social activities involving the community, ranging from health, education, and facility and infrastructure issues. The events have so far been taking place in the same venue that feature bazaar for education, display of partner’s products and other form of exhibition items.

On the first day of the events, the fair was symbolically opened. Subang Regent in-charge, Ating was scheduled to be present at the opening ceremony. Some social assistance was directly delivered to the beneficiary in the form of education, praying house, public utility, community affair and natural conservation charities and assistance.

At the beginning of the fair, a community instruction program was given. Women, especially those living around the company were invited to get some information and knowledge on breast and cervix cancers. This was intended to make sure that women get earlier comprehension with regards to efforts for early prevention of cancers.

The second day of the CSR fair was dedicated to social assistance activities such as blood donation and free medical service for 1,000 people, flubio vaccination and collective circumcising for one hundred young boys. The second day also saw some education assistance activities such as religious activity contests with elementary school students participating.

During the religious related events, DAHANA invited Teachers Working Group (KKG) of PAI of Cibogo District to help organize contests such as Koranic recital, PAI trivia quiz, shalat practice, adzan (Islam call to prayers) contest and speech contest.

The third day of the fair was dedicated to colouring contest for young kids around Cibogo district. Story-telling sessions were also given on this day along with religious activity contest for junior and high school students of coming from some areas around the regency of Subang.

Also during this third say, women belonging to some Islamic study groups in Cibogo district also attended the fair for some Islamic culture contests and qasidah.

On Thursday, 18 October 2018, during the DAHANA CSR Fair, Islamic Women Fashion show was given with participants ranging from kindergarten, elementary, junior and senior high school students, and the public which are represented by 25 participants from each category. Different from the other previous days, the fourth day lasted until late in the evening with DAHANA CSR Fair Appreciation Night during which winners off the fashion show were announced and prizes were handed over.
100 orphans originating from the area around the Company were also invited so that they could enjoy the fun and happy time with DAHANA. They also received some charity from DAHANA.

The CSR Fair Appreciation Night was made merrier by the presence of pop music group Nash Indonesia which turned out to be much awaited by the spectators. Nash Indonesia is a pop religious music group which regularly shows on TransTv for a music program called “Islam is Beautiful”.

The last day of the CSR fair was finalized with a charity event called ‘’Delivery of 1,000 Lunch Packages” held after the Friday congregational prayer at some mosques around Cibogo district. The program was initiated by DAHANA’s employees who wish to donate and share with the people around the Company in hoping that they are poured with the bless of Friday.

This year’s DAHANA CSR Fair was the second of its kind after the success of the first the previous year. Asmorohadi, Director of Human Resource ad Finance said that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a requirement dictated by the laws and therefore must be properly implemented by every company.

“This is a corporate social responsibility that must be duly implemented by DAHANA, and we have done our best to implement the program in an optimum way right to the target, especially the district of Cibogo,” explained Asmorohadi.

“This is a small part of DAHANA to be sharing with the local community in observation of DAHANA’s anniversary. However, DAHANA corporate social responsibility can be applied through the year by means of several activities and not only dine in Subang,” he concluded.

Events of DAHANA CSR Fair 2018

Monday, 15 October 2018

  • Opening of DAHANA CSR Fair 2018
  • Instruction on breast and cervix cancers

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

  • Free Medical Service (pre-registered participants) 
  • Flubio Vaccination 
  • Blood Donation 
  • Collective circumcising 
  • Islam Big Day Contests for Elementary School Students

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

  • Colouring Contest 
  • Story-telling 
  • Qasidah Contest for Women’s Islam Study Groups 
  • Islam Big Day Contests for junior and senior high school students dan SLTA

Thursday, 18 October 2018

  • Islam Women Fashion Show 
  • DAHANA CSR Fair 2018 Appreciation Night

Friday, 19 October 2018
Blessed Friday Movement with 1,000 free lunch packages

Taman Cahaya (Park of Lights) DAHANA

A week prior to DAHANA CSR events, a special amusement event was given to the community of Subang. Bale DAHANA building was beautifully decorated with lights. A green field with green grass and trees during the day, Bale DAHANA turned into a park of lights during the night (Taman Cahaya).

DAHANA’s Taman Cahaya has been there since 8 October 2018. Surrounding people can enjoy the beauty of lights rigged around the park; it is just a perfect place for selfies.

Apart from the brilliant night at the eastern tip of Subang, DAHANA’s Taman Cahaya also offers live music shows. People can enjoy the music while hanging out around the food truck area from which they can buy foods and drinks.

Asep Maskandar, DAHANA’s Corporate Secretary explained that Taman Cahaya DAHANA was created to provide with a different night atmosphere. “It is usually quiet here at night. But during DAHANA’s anniversary event, it turns out to be special. We want to keep the place busy even at nights and the people of Subang can enjoy it as well,” said Asep, who is also Chief of DAHANA’s 52nd Anniversary committee.

DAHANA’s Taman Cahaya is now going viral in social media and each night it is busy with visits from surrounding people of Subang. DAHANA’s Taman Cahaya was open in the evening about 10 p.m. Taman Cahaya closed on 22 October 2018. (dhn)