PT DAHANA (Persero) held a gathering event with the people of Subang entitled “DAHANA’s Gathering with Community Leaders and Local Government”.

Region III Assistant, Abdul Saat who represented the Subang Regent was present at the event which was held on June 27, 2013. Also present there were officials from Muspida and Muspika, community leaders and people living in the surrounding area. Aside from that, member of the Indonesian House of Representative (DPR) from Commision XI, Linda Megawati also attended the event which was held at the Nursery Zone of Dahana’s Energetic Material Center in Subang.


According to PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Director of Finance and HR, Susilo Hertanto, the event was carried out to bring Dahana as an institution closer with the surrounding people, including the elements of Muspika and Muspida in Subang. “DAHANA is here in Subang to grow  together with the surrounding people, as shown by Dahana’s participation and contribution (to the people) to date,” he said.


Susilo’s statement could be proven by various programs carried out by DAHANA. Even though DAHANA’s presence in Subang had not been that long, DAHANA had already launched several beneficial programs. The programs, among others include workforce empowerment, partnerships with small businesses and community development programs. Not to mention the regional taxes and levies DAHANA contributed to the government.


According to the data, the workforce empowerment had already accounted for 994 people, consisting direct labors, indirect labors, plantation tappers and land tillers.


As for small business partnership, an amount of 2.34 billion rupiahs of soft loans had also been distributed to 306 small businesses and cooperatives. Aside from the Partnership/Soft Loan Program, DAHANA also provided support through its Community Development Program which included mass circumcision, collective wedding, basic food (groceries), religious facility, health and many other aids and donations.


In terms of direct contributions to local government, DAHANA had contributed by paying income tax, property tax and other levies. Since DAHANA relocated its head office to Subang, DAHANA had contributed as much as 7.50 billion rupiahs from the collection period of August 2012 to May 2013.


At the gathering event, DAHANA symbolically handed a packet of groceries to the people entitled the Temporary Financial Aid (BLSM) which also marked the start of another event, “DAHANA Cares Bazaar 2013”. The bazaar was planned to be held simultaneously at 3 villages on Thursday, July 4, 2013.


Aside from the contributions in the form of aid, DAHANA’s existence with its Central Management Office (KAMPUS) was proven by the numerous awards the company had received. The KAMPUS itself had become a new icon of Subang. With its platinum award from GBCI (Green Building Council Indonesia) in the category of new building with green concept, DAHANA’s KAMPUS was the first ever building in Indonesia which had been given the predicate. DAHANA’s KAMPUS kept receiving many other acknowledgments, such as the first award of the most energy-efficient building from the Ministry of Energy, the 3rd best award from Futurearc BCI for Asia region and the latest being 2nd runner up of the Asean Energy Award for the category of New & Existing Building. Besides that, DAHANA also received 3 awards from the Ministry of SOE for The Best Product Innovation of Manufacture Sector, The Best Green Product Innovation and The Best Corporate Innovation Culture & Management (Silver Level).


Of course, DAHANA’s accomplishment does not only belong to DAHANA, but also to the people of Subang in general. Moreover, DAHANA is one of the national vital objects which therefore has to be kept together.