Monday, 22 October 2018, PT DAHANA (Persero) had its 52nd Anniversary Celebration peak at Bale DAHANA building in Subang. The sports building was turned into a show arena with attractive decoration that left the venue with an interestingly different look. It was the first time that the building was assigned as the venue for anniversary celebration as for the last eight years the anniversary celebrations had been held at Auditorium of Campus DAHANA in Subang.

The joy of anniversary celebration peak was surrounding hundreds of DAHANA employees attending the celebration. Head of Subang’s People Representative Office, and Secretary for Subang Regency were also there for the celebration.

In addition to DAHANA’s employees, the celebration also saw DAHANA’s alumni and some representatives from other state-owned enterprises, and millennial employees from some state-owned enterprises as well, especially those belonging to the strategic industry state-owned enterprises cluster.

DAHANA’s anniversary celebration atmosphere has been different from year to year. For its 52nd anniversary, DAHANA grabbed the tagline “Jumping Higher”, which is an expression of spirit in anticipation to the future changes.

Chief of Committee of DAHANA’s 52nd Anniversary, Asep Maskandar told us the background of the theme. He said that the theme serves as the collective spirit to smartly respond to the company’s advancement.

“This year, the company is experiencing a remarkable advancement : some new plant facilities are to be constructed which means that DAHANA will have to make a big leap into the future. Employees as part of DAHANA will have to prepare themselves and therefore it is necessary to start making big leaps ahead in terms of work performance,” said Asep Maskandar.

DAHANA’s President Director Budi Antono , during his speech, stated that the Companyis now growing significantly, as indicated, among others by the plan for construction of plant facilities in support to DAHANA’s future advancement.

“On 28 October 2018 we are going to lay the first stone for construction of AN plant in Bontang,” added Budi Antono.

The construction of AN plant in Bontang is actually what DAHANA had planned since 1995, to be realized this year. Another facility to be constructed will be a plant for manufacturing bomb fuse for P100 bomb of Sukhoi aircraft.