PT DAHANA won the Jawara Daya title at the 2022 CSR Awards event organized by the Government of Subang Regency. The award, which was given directly by the Regent of Subang H. Ruhimat, was held at Fave Hotel in Subang on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

DAHANA’s Corporate Service Senior Manager, Ogi Nugraha, who represented DAHANA’s board of directors, said that DAHANA is committed to becoming a company that advances and develops with the community, especially in Subang, both in the fields of education, the environment and MSME development.

“We thank the Government of Subang Regency for giving this award. As the Qibla of Indonesian Explosives headquartered in Subang, we wish to always provide the best for the community, to be a company that does not advance alone, but a company that grows together with the development of society,” said Mr Nugraha.

In 2022, Subang Regency was moving towards recovering from the prolonged impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic, DAHANA was there to provide assistance both in the environmental sector by planting mangrove trees and productive trees, in the education sector DAHANA also provided assistance with educational facilities that were urgently needed by the Subang students.

Apart from that, DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Unit (SER) actively helps elevate the community’s economic motivation by fostering the development of MSEs in the Subang Regency community. Several of DAHANA’s fostered partners have succeeded in penetrating the global market while their products have become the choice of the world community.

Through the Penta Helix program, DAHANA along with the Subang Regency Government, University and Media Company also provided economic guidance and supplied tree seeds to Subang Regency Assisted Prison residents, which aim to enable inmates to continue living well after being released.

“This award certainly brings more motivation for us to expand our collaboration with the Subang Regency Government, so that we can realize our shared aspirations, namely Subang Jawara, to become an advanced and comfortable area for its people,” concluded Mr Nugraha


Juli Jajuli

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