1976 was a difficult and dark period for the PT Dahana, in that time PT Dahana that was located in Tasikmalaya, exploded. Many buildings were destroyed and there were many injured people.

All the victims of the tragedy of the Dahana explosion do not want the accident happens again. And, on Saturday, October 13th, 2012, the victims of the Dahana explosion 1976 were invited to Dahana Tasikmalaya. In the meeting room known as Sumartoyo room they gathered and reunited with PT Dahana that was represented by the Committee of the 46th Anniversary of Dahana, that was Yadi Resmiadi, Dedy Kusnadi, Lely Sosidha Siswanti and Lia.

The victims attended in the occasion were totally 9 people, they are the people that in that time lived near PT Dahana. They were on purpose invited by the Committee of the 46th Anniversary of Dahana to meet and greet and receive donations from PT Dahana.

Vice Chairman of the Committee of the 46th Anniversary of Dahana, Dedi Kusnaedi said the event is routinely carried out by PT Dahana to celebrate the anniversary of Dahana.

“This event is an occasion to meet and greet as well as the realization of our concern to them” Dedi Kusnaedi said (Monday, October 15, 2012).

One of the victims expressed his happiness for this attention, they think that they are abandoned, Though PT Dahana has already moved to Subang in the middle of 2012. They wish that Dahana will always improve and reach the glory. (Sya)