DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Team (TJSL) once again carried out the tradition of supplying ifthar  (snack eaten after sunset at Ramadan) to community in Ramadan 2022. This time DAHANA supplied the ifthar packages to people at Al Musabaqoh Mosque, Subang square, on Wednesday afternoon, April 13, 2022.


According to Eman Suherman, the distribution of ifthar during each Ramadan has become the tradition of the culture of the company’s TJSL unit. Apart from helping people whose economy has been disrupted due to the prolonged pandemic, the ifthar of also serves the company’s support for the socio-religious field, especially for the people of Subang.


“We hope that the supplies of ifthar from DAHANA can also encourage people to share with each other, especially in this blessed month. Sharing  will certainly strengthen the value of our mutual-work as an Indonesian nation. Hopefully this ifthar can provide benefits and blessings for the recipients,” said Mr Suherman.


Mr Suherman also explained that all ifthar packages origins collaboration with DAHANA’s fostered partners, and therefore apart from providing benefits to ifthar recipients, this can absorb the MSME products of the fostered partners and encourage the economic cycle of the fostered partners to recover after the pandemic.


Beside supply of ifthar, in the month of Ramadan 2022, DAHANA organized various activities to support the improvement of community spirituality, such as the Ramadan Virtual Study recitation which is held every week through zoom meetings and is open to the public.


DAHANA’s Al Akhdar Mosque Prosperity Council is also actively involved in raising Waqf of prayer equipment and the Qur’an to be distributed to institutions around the company such as prayer rooms, Islamic boarding schools, mosques, and schools. As a state-owned company that carries the value of morality, DAHANA always strives to advance and develop with the community in all aspects of life.


Mr Suherman continued that DAHANA’s TJSL will always stay with the community to work together to develop and advance the community, especially the Subang community. This year, DAHANA plans to expand the use of the Nursery Edu Park for wider student community to carry out agricultural practice works.


In addition, in the economic field, DAHANA’s is also actively providing capital, education, training, and marketing for the MSMEs fostered partners. He hoped that the holy month of Ramadan can help improve good deeds, especially those of social practices.


“It is our hope  that during this holy month of Ramadan we will not only improve our personal worship quality, but also increase our social worship, so that Ramadan can bring an impact on a larger society,” concluded Mr Suherman.