PT DAHANA (Persero) has demonstrated its determination in developing the Main Weapon System (Alutsista), especially in term of rocketry sector by creating Smokeless Propellant Rockets. The first test of the smokeless rocket was carried out at the Indonesian Air Force’s AWR, Lumajang, East Java, Tuesday, December 28, 2021.


DAHANA’s Director of Technology and Development Suhendra Yusuf RPN said the rocket made by the nation’s expert was the first innovation rocket in Indonesia capable of thrust without smoke (smokeless). All of the rocket products are independently manufactured by the human resources available with the mecca of the explosive manufacturers.


“We hope that this Composite Smokeless Propellant can be developed on 70mm or 80mm caliber rockets and can be integrated with 70mm caliber  warheads that have obtained previous certification so as to reduce dependence on imports,” said Mr Yusuf.


Mr Yusuf added that smokeless composite propellant can also be applied to other rockets such as RHAN 122B and other rockets, allowing DAHANA’s rockets to have the ability to thrust without smoke.


Up to now, DAHANA has produced various kinds of defense equipment needs, such as launch vehicles and propellants for RHAN 122B, RHAN 450, Rocket Weapons Against Tanks (SLT), Bomb P Live Series and other products.


DAHANA’s effort to meet the defense equipment system is a way to help minimize imported products, to ensure independence production of state defense equipment system, not affected by external conditions, such as embargo. In addition, with defense product innovations, DAHANA supports the target of the Ministry of SOEs and the Ministry of Defense to make sure Indonesia is included in the world’s 50 best defense industries.


Mr Yusuf also stated that producing defense equipment will bring benefits to the country financially, both in terms of dividends and in increase of foreign exchange. DAHANA’s latest products can later be manufactured massively to meet domestic needs through Indonesian Armed Forces as user and offered to international markets in the context of Go Global.