JAKARTA – The Indonesian Ministry of Defense held another largest international defense exhibition in Southeast Asia, namely the Indo Defense 2022 Expo & Forum under the theme of “Peace, Prosperity, Strong”. DEFEND ID participated in the exhibition held at JI Expo Kemayoran Jakarta from 2 to 5 November 2022.

One member of Holding DEFEND ID, PT DAHANA, which is engaged in high energy materials, also displayed various defense products, such as rockets and launch vehicles, fighter bombs, Counter-Tank Weapons, Manpads to a smart drone called RAJATA.

RAJATA is a high-tech destructive weapon that can automatically destroy targets automatically without control. RAJATA technology allows personnel who operates it to destroy targets silenlt without the enemy knowing.

“RAJATA can be an alternative solution to missiles since it is more economical in value, with a much higher accuracy rate compared to rockets,” said Suhendra Yusuf RPN, Director of Technology & Development of PT DAHANA.

RAJATA has the potential to be used in all Indonesia’s Armed Forces, as it is perfect for use by land troops platoons at every Indonesian border, on ships belonging to the Indonesian Navy, or on Indonesian Air Force aircraft as weapons.

RAJATA will later compete with other Loitering Munitions, such as Russia’s Kalashnikov, Polish Warmate, American Switchblade, and Israel’s Hero-30. The name RAJATA is taken from Sanskrit which means ‘destroyer’ which well describes the capabilities attached to this Loitering Munition.

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