PT DAHANA (Persero) returned to the stage to accept awards in this annual event. The accomplishment was viewed as corporate effort to win the business competition in global scene. The BUMN (SOEs) Track magazine awarded PT DAHANA with Silver Winner on the category of  Best Indonesia Tertib, and Gold Winner for DAHANA’s President Director, Budi Antono on the category of The Best Leader for Mental Revolution, Best Work Ethics..

In order to achieve these prestigious awards, PT DAHANA was obliged to complete three judging processes, namely first, 83 SOEs and Subsidiaries were required to submit the questionnaire. Second, 52 SOEs-Subsidiaries were qualified for performing their presentation and having personal discussion with the judges. This second stage was an in-depth session attended by 21 President Directors, 11 Board of Directors, and other 20 officials who were commensurable to Vice President or Corporate Secretary. Third, the Expert Judgment was presented at the Judges’ final meeting.

The event of Mental Revolution Award BUMN 2018 aimed to pay tribute to State-Owned Enterprises and their subsidiaries, The Indonesian Social Security Agency (BPJS) of Healthcare and Employment, and also performed as a benchmark of Mental Revolution in SOEs environment.

“In my point of view, for those who had been experiencing the catch-phrase of “unwilling to die, unwilling to live”, would certainly recognize the substantial transformation of SOEs. It means, the mental revolution scheme has been properly undertaken, said Dr. Sugiharto, the Head of Judges who was also the former Minister of SOEs in 2004-2007.

As stated under the Presidential Instruction No. 12 of 2016 on National Movement of Mental Revolution addressing all working cabinet ministries, institutions, and non-ministries, including SOEs, all officials are instructed to implement five national movement of mental revolution, namely Indonesia Serving Movement Program, Indonesia Clean Movement Program, Indonesia Order Movement Program, Indonesia Self-Sufficient Movement Program, and Indonesia United Movement Program.

The President Director of PT DAHANA, Budi Antono accompanied by the Finance and Human Resource Director, Asmorohadi and public relations staff directly came to the stage on behalf of DAHANA to accept the  awards (yq).