Infobank, a banking strategy-analysis magazine, has released its research result on ‘Rating of 119 SOE’s Infobank Version 2018’. The rating was made based on enterprises’ business growth and financial ratio. PT DAHANA (Persero), which is also included in the release, managed to get better rank compared to that of the previous year, and named as 3rd rank best SOE’s with a tittle of ‘Very Good’.

The research initiated by Biro Riset Infobank (birI) assessed five major components of corporate finance namely : asset, total liabilities, total equity, revenue and profit. There were initially 119 SOE’s listed in 2017, however, under the related holding policy, only 113 companies were studied by Infobank.

Out if the 113 companies under study by Infobank, 61 SOE’s were titled ‘Very Good’, 22 SOE’s were titled “Good”, six SOE’s were titled “Fair”, and the remaining 24 SOE’s were named as “Not Good”. PT DAHANA (Persero) was slightly under PT Garam (Persero) which was in 1st rank and PERUM Percetakan Uang Republik Indonesia (Peruri) in 2nd rank.

This achievement was highly appreciated by PT DAHANA (Persero)’s President Director Budi Antono. He said this was the result of hard and smart work demonstrated by all the components of DAHANA. “This is not a sudden impact. It is the result of DAHANA’s team work and spirit. We are grateful of this achievement and I thank all of DAHANA’s employees for the hard work,” said Budi Antono.

As we know, when DAHANA was set free from the monopoly era in the 2000s, DAHANA was in a staggering state. However, due to the competence and commitment of all DAHANA’s components ranging from the commissioners, directors and all of the employees, DAHANA managed to undertake big leaps ahead; appreciative awards were given and good corporate performance has since been a culture.

The ‘Very Good’ title awarded by Infobank is not the first time for DAHANA; yet this 2018 title indicated a significant achievement. During DAHANA 17th Work Meeting, the meeting’s committees’ head, Wildan Widarman said that the Company’s 2017 achievement reached the Company’s original target.

“In 2017 our sales target went above the planned target, which was 1.5 trillion rupiah. It’s the first time in our history that our net profit reached a three-digit figure,” Wildan pointed out.

This state owned enterprise running in integrated explosive services which included explosives manufacturing, drilling & blasting, related services, dan defence related service will sustainable expand the business among others by means of construction of ammonium nitrate plant, elemented detonator plant, TNT plant, HMX plant and some other plants.
In spite of the current less favorable business climate, the Company led by President Director Budi Antono is regarded by Infobank magazine as having reached brilliant business performance during the year of 2017 with a revenue of Rp 1.55 trillion rupiah, or a 13.03% growth, a net profit of Rp 125.26 billion or a hike of 52.57%, and an asset amounting to nearly Rp 1.5 trillion.

In addition, according to DAHANA’s Deputy Director of Planning and Logistics, Wildan Widarman, DAHANA has set some plans for future leaps, such as the 2017-2021 long-term plans. Dahana sets the target for increase of asset to Rp 2 trillion with a net profit of Rp 200 billion or more..

This way, in reference to the theme of DAHANA’s 52nd Anniversary “Melompat Lebih Tinggi” (Leaping Higher), the company will grow and become one of reputable and competitive state-owned enterprises in both the domestic and global markets. (YQ)