Shahibuddin Ma’ruf, Manager of Facility Design and Technology of DAHANA’s Equipment, won 1st  Place in the 2022 Defense Technology Innovation Competition held by the Research and Development Department of the Ministry of Defense. The Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense handed over a trophy and cash to Mr Ma’ruf who was accompanied by the President Director of DAHANA, Wildan Widarman at the Research and Development Office of the Ministry of Defense, Jakarta, Wednesday, August 11, 2022.


During the event titled “Research and Development  and Defense Technology Innovation in Realizing Independence of Main Apparatus for Defense System,” Ma’ruf told about that the idea for the Kamikaze Drone originated from DAHANA’s Director of Technology and Development, Suhendra Yusuf, last year, which then was collaboratively developed by DAHANA and Aero Terra.


“Actually, the Kamikaze Drone was not my idea. The team was working on it, the initial idea was how to combine the current technology (drones) with the DAHANA’s (explosives) business line, so that they can produce drones that explodes with precision,” said Mr Ma’ruf .

Ma’ruf also explained that he began to finalize the Kamikaze Drone concept a few months ago, which came from the early stages of Rajata (DAHANA’s Kamikaze Drone). After a few months, he managed to create a technology and weapon concepts that were implemented as Rajata, and that eventually won 1st  place.

“I didn’t expect to be able to compete with the other 131 participants and get into the 12 finalists. The finalists were experts with extensive experience and bold academic titles. I was asked to present my work and try to give my best effort, and in the end I was chosen as the winner. This was because of God’s intervention,” he added.

He also hoped that the Kamikaze Drone or Rajata would not merely remain as R&D results as it could be developed and got perfected for mass production to make sure it can contribute to the country, especially in realizing the independence of the national Main Apparatus of Defense System, as mandated by the President of Indonesia during the inauguration of the SOEs DEFEND ID holding. He also expected that the win would inspire DAHANA’s people for innovation.

“Innovation is the need of every company; without innovation the business will perish. With innovation in products, equipment, services, and all lines of business, DAHANA will advance in the future. Let’s innovate together. Don’t make innovation just because of the competition, but because of the sense of necessity and habitual actions,” he concluded.



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