The spirit of “Stronger with collaboration” which is the theme of Dahana 2020 continues to be encouraged. Not only inward, this spirit now also applies to external parties; one of them was the Tuesday Move On (TMO) Chapter February 2020 event that was held by Dahana Senior on Tuesday, February 25, 2020. The music performance of Dahana employees was also enlivened by an open table from PT Pegadaian (Persero) Subang Branch.

Dahana – Pawnshop Collaboration is a form of SOEs’ Synergy to support each other in strengthening SOE’s businesses. This was stated by the Corporate Secretary of PT DAHANA (Persero) Asep Maskandar during the TMO.

“This is a follow up to the Dahana – Pawnshop collaboration which was signed some time ago at the central level. We allocate some time during the TMO event to help market the Pawnshop products to Dahana employees, “said Asep Maskandar.

In this open table, the Pawnshop offers its superior products such as gold savings, hajj arrum and trust. This offer received a warm welcome from employees, especially for gold savings products.

“This gold savings product starts with Rp.7,000s, and specifically for those who enrol here (Dahana), the administration fee is free, “said Arie Ferarie Irawan, representative of Subang Branch Pawnshop in his presentation.

This TMO is the second TMO in 2020 and the Corporate Secretary Department was appointed as the host. The lunch hour atmosphere in the DAHANA canteen became more lively when the duo of DAHANA employees, Nita and Rifky sang Via Vallen’s song “Sayang”. In addition to the duet Nita and Rifky, Syarif Hidayat sang Cakra’s “Kekasih Shadow”, accompanied by keyboard music played by Doddy Bambang P.

The Tuesday Move On (TMO) is a program made by SENIOR DAHANA which is under the coordination of the Public Relations and Institutional unit. The monthly event given on the last Tuesday of has become a venue for entertainment and means for tightening Dahana’s employee’s relations while enjoying lunch. In addition to featuring singers from the employees, this event was also filled with quizzes and interactive games and prizes. (rmt)