TAPANULI – PT DAHANA is sure it can complete the Batang Toru Hydroelectric Power Plant (PLTA), one of the National Strategic Project (PSN) programs, on time. DAHANA is trusted by Sinohydro Company Ltd. to construct a 12.5 km long tunnel stretching from Sipirok Village to Marancar Village, South Tapanuli.

President Director and Acting Director of Operations of PT DAHANA Wildan Widarman said, up to the pr5esent time, PT DAHANA has succeeded in building auxiliary tunnels 1 to 6 with a length of 2,770 meters and is working on the main tunnel with a length of 12.5 km, of which 3,885 meters have been carried out currently. Owing to PT DAHANA’s superior human resource experience and the latest explosives technology, Mr Widarman is optimistic that he can complete the task properly.

“Now everything is focussed on main tunnel which is 12.5 km long, and currently PT DAHANA is still in the process of working on the main tunnel with 35% progress out the total length of 12.5 km,” Mr Widarman explained (09/12).

Before doing the main tunnel, PT DAHANA had completed the supporting 1 to 6 tunnels; each of which has various lengths, namely 270 meters, 326 meters, 394 meters,  483 meters, 578 meters and 719 meters.

“This tunnel project is one of the longest and largest with a diameter of up to 12 meters and a length of 12.5 kilometers,” said Mr Widarman.

Meanwhile, according to DAHANA’s Quarry & Construction Division GM, Setio Budhianto, for the Batang Toru hydropower project, DAHANA deployed 86 blasting personnel who are divided into 12 teams to work on several face tunnels.

The DAHANA blasting team led by Site Coordinator Teguh Widodo works 24 hours a day in shifts. To get the best results, DAHANA uses Dayagel Extra explosives, Dayadet Non Electric Detonators and Detonating Cords produced by DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center.

“Non-stop work is a special concern for DAHANA. To maintain stamina and blasting quality, the site coordinator manages manpower effectively while working. Apart from that, the team in the field also strictly adheres to HSE principles to achieve Zero Accident in construction of the Batang Toru hydropower plant,” said Mr Budhianto.

The Batang Toru hydropower plant will produce 4 x 127.5 MW of electricity per year. Apart from that, with this hydropower plant, Indonesia can reduce carbon emissions by 16 megatonnes per year. The Batang Toru hydropower plant can also reduce state spending by IDR 54 trillion each year. With a large energy output, the Batang Toru hydropower plant only requires 122 ha of land.

The construction of the PLTA is targeted to be completed in 2026 and is expected to serve electricity needs in Sumatra and strengthen the Java-Bali electricity supply. The construction of the hydropower plant is claimed to be environmentally friendly, as the development target is based on its participation in the prevention of global warming by reducing dependence on energy that produces carbon emissions, and therefore, in the process from planning, construction to operation, the Batang Toru hydropower plant meets various strict environmental standards.


Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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