Covid-19 or commonly called Coronavirus continues to spread in the Indonesia. Almost all provinces have recorded virus cases originating from this bat. WHO has even designated it a pandemic due to its global spread. The domestic regulators have responded by implementing Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB). This was followed by the implementation of the Covid-19 prevention protocol throughout PT DAHANA (Persero) Jobsite Project including in Seruyung, North Kalimantan.

Amanda Yudha Kirana, Supervisor of PT DAHANA (Persero) in charge of JSP Seruyung, told Dfile, the implementation of the Covid-19 prevention protocol is carried in the form of daily body temperature checking starting from from March 11, 2020. Tight physical restrictions to “lockdown” were carried out in order to maintain safety and employee security.

“The owner of the project set “lockdown” during which employees who are on leave cannot return to the site and those already on the site cannot leave,” said Manda.

In addition, sites on separate islands are kept as clean as possible from viruses using the sterilizing chamber located at the site entrance. Apart from that, J. Resources applies physical distancing at any time and place such as at the time of 5-Minute Meetings (P5M), other meetings, up to lunch time the Canteen (now temporarily closed and packmeal is provided as a substitute). J. Resources as the owner also enforces employees health checks and supervision through ‘My J. Resources’ application.

“My J. Resources’ application is a self assessment application, that requires all employees on site or on fill fill in 2 times a day, in morning and at night respectiveky. This way, continuous health related report is recapitalized by J Resources to make sure that employee health conditions can be monitored properly. In the event of an increase in body temperature, doctors on duty will immediately carry out further treatment, “explained Manda.

Apart from that, DAHANA as a state-owned company engaged in the explosives industry has also formed a Covid-19 Handling Task Force applied across all workplaces, both in Subang CAMPUS, the Jakarta Office to all DAHANA Job Site Projects, so that the health condition of employees can be monitored every time the day, inlcuding that in Seruyung. In addition to company intervention, Manda hopes that all individuals can contribute to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“We have received double monitoring from DAHANA and J.Resources, I hope that our fellows at at the site can conduct self-consciously maintainance for environmental cleanliness, remain focus on working, maintain health with good sleep patterns, eat healthy food, and exercise to generate body immunity. In addition, I do hope that we all diligently wash hands properly according to WHO’s recommendations. I believe it should start from self-awarenes, otherwise all these prevention efforts will go useless, “concluded Manda.