The Headquarters of the Navy through the Naval College of Technology (STTAL) held a Navy Workshop 2018. The event was held at Gedung P. Nipa STTAL, Surabaya on Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

Along with the development of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the field of research, development and engineering of defense equipment also experienced dynamism, modernization and innovation. This development demands that all stakeholders of defense equipment independence such as the government, academics, and industry (Triple Helix) work together to collaborate so that all developments can be well responded and ultimately realize the independence of defense tools.

The government has set 7 defense-related priorities that must be met by domestic industries, including: 1. Propellants, 2. Rockets, 3. Missiles, 4. Medium Tanks, 5. Radar, 6. Submarines, and 7. Fighter Aircraft. The success of these seven priorities requires synergy and hard work of all stakeholders (Triple Helix).
After the opening, the participants listened to the workshop pointers delivered by nine speakers, followed by a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) by the participants divided into three groups.

The first group discussed “Optimizing the Role of Research and Development in Defense Equipment Engineering” led by academics. The second group discussed “The Role of Universities in preparing Human Resources for Defense Equipment Technology Research to Support the Independence of the Defense Industry in the Framework of Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0”, and the last group discussed “Obstacles and Strategies for Realizing Triple Helix Synergy towards Defense Equipment Independence” led by the Government.
“We are in the second FGD group which discusses the role of universities in supporting the defense equipment industry; we discuss and brainstorm at the same time about the obstacles faced by industry and universities, especially in technological research in the defense equipment industry, while conveying future expectations for both parties. This FGD II group was moderated by Colonel Ahmadi of the Naval Technology College,” explained Della Devia, Public Relations of DAHANA, who participated in the 2018 Navy Training Meeting.
The results of the workshop will be in written text to submit to the stakeholders to produce further decisions. (yz)