In order to extend and increase the Security Management System (SMP) certification from the original Silver Reward to Gold Reward, PT DAHANA (Persero), represented by DAHANA’s Deputy Security Manager, Iwan Irawan, worked in coordination and consultation with the West Java Police’s Directorate of Vital Object Security Management in Bandung,  Friday, January 22, 2021.


According to Iwan Irawan, the first stage started by submitting a letter of application for the making of MoU on Technical Training, Audit and Verification to the Director of Vital Object Security Management  under the Preventive Unit of the Police’s Security Assurance Board with copies to the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police and Inspector of General Supervision of the Police (Irwasum Polri).


“The next step was the signing of MoU and Technical Work Guidelines which comprised of three activities, namely technical training, audit and verification by DAHANA’s Directors and Indonesian National Police Headquarters,” explained Iwan.


Iwan continued, when all the application documents were completed, the audit process was followed with the technical training to identify the company’s preparation for the implementation of SMP. After that, the audit process was carried out to respond to the findings of the technical training. The result of audit would be verified to establish the accuracy.


“After the three activities have been carried out and DAHANA was declared eligible, the Indonesian Police  Headquarters will issue a SMP CERTIFICATE signed by the National Police Chief,” concluded Iwan. (rmt)