Breathing fresh air at the top of the mountain, or enjoying the beautiful atmosphere and the climb to the top has its own meaning for a climber. Owing to their various meanings and benefits, climbing activities become a way by the community reflect on the end of the year.

This applies to Labib Imana, Superintendent/PJO DAHANA site IMK. He closed the year by climbing Mount Muro in Central Kalimantan which has a peak with an altitude of 927 meters above sea level. The climbing took place on December 31, 2022. During this trip, Mr Imana and his fellow climbers encountered various challenges.

“When climbing Mount Muro, we faced four steep spots that required a rope to climb up. Here is the importance of teamwork and determination to face challenges and reach the top,” said Mr Imana.

He said that the ascent of Mount Muro was initially pioneered by Arfi (Junior Mining Manager of PT IMK) and planned to be carried out on January 1, 2023. He signed up with Jody, Rizki, Sastra, Hariadi, Surianto, Ruji, Candra, Winarto, Gustian, Winga, Oktavia and Melwani (Head of IMK Explosive Warehouse). However, as DAHANA IMK team had a blasting schedule that day, the team finally shifted the climbing schedule to December 31, 2022.

Mr Imana and his friends started their climb with a P5M (5-Minute Meeting) as is often done at the site to provide Occupational Safety and Health directions. During the meeting, as usual, he provided necessary climbing instructions.

After P5M, Mr Imana and his team collected equipment and logistics, followed by climbing briefing, and started climbing at 7.00 in the morning. At 8.00 the team made it to the top and enjoyed the view while having breakfast and taking pictures. At around 8.50 the team conducted another briefing, this time a briefing for getting down the mount. Then safely returned to the point at 9.45.

On a daily basis, Mr Imana and DAHANA site IMK colleagues are the spearhead in serving consumers for provision of the best in the field of drilling and blasting. DAHANA has established its foot on the IMK site since 2017 and continues to earn consumer trust to this day.

The man who grows hydroponics also had great hopes for DAHANA in 2023 and in the forthcoming years. He hoped that DAHANA will become an advanced and developing company and penetrate the global market.

“I personally hope that DAHANA will grow, get more advanced, more competitive, and more prosperous for all of its employees,” concluded Mr Imana.


Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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