PT DAHANA (Persero) through its Community Development and Partnership special unit again showed its concern to the disaster casualties. This time DAHANA helped ease flood casualties in the Sub-district of Ciasem Tengah.

Instant food and mineral water was handed over directly by Community Development and Partnership Chair DAHANA Eman Suherman to the Head of Ciasem Tengah Village, Mistar Rangun, on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 at the Office of the Head of Ciasem Tengah Village.

Mistar Rangun explained, the flood started inundated his area as embankment collapsed due to excessive amount of water submerging the settlements and rice fields in his area.

“It happened on Friday (01/10/2020) at around five in the morning. In total 372 houses and around 10 hectares of rice fields are affected by the flood this time, “said Mistar.

Mistar also thanked PT DAHANA (Persero) for providing assistance to people affected by the flood disaster.

Meanwhile, Eman Suherman as chairman of PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Community Development and Partnership Program said that this charity was a form of DAHANA’s concern for flood casualties the North Subang region.

“Hopefully this assistance can ease the burden of the casualties affected by the flood disaster in the North Subang region. Previously, DAHANA also helped flood casualties in area at the beginning of last year, “concluded Eman. (rmt)