In observance of its Environmental Social Responsibility, PT DAHANA (Persero) implemented an empowerment program for women cadres of Posyandu (Integrated Service Post Nusa Indah IV of Sadawarna Village, Cibogo District, Subang, West Java on Friday, March 12, 2021.


Fajar Pratama,  the Supervisor of the DAHANA’s Community Development and Partnership Program) said that this program is one of DAHANA’s programs for empowerment of Posyandu cadres to actively support the prevention of children malnutrition, especially toddlers in Sadawarna Village.


“This program is a continued program of stunting prevention that has previously been implemented. With this program, the nutritional intake of children will be monitored in a regular basis,” said Fajar.


Meanwhile, Anggi, the village midwife of Sadawarna said that the children, especially the toddlers in Sadawarna Village, have been monitored to make sure that their nutritional needs have been satisfactory fulfilled which come as a positive result and can be concluded that the children in Sadawarna village are free from malnutrition and stunting.


“Thank God, this is a positive thing. Hopefully we can sustainably fulfill children’s nutrition during amid the current Covid-19 pandemic,” said Anggi.


As previously known, DAHANA has been committed to sustainably assisting the growth and progress of a region through its CSR programs, both in environmental development and partnership programs. The environmental development program covers several sectors including assistance for education, health, public infrastructure, worship facilities, environmental preservation and social affairs.