DAHANA Workers Union (Sejadah), Al Akhdar Mosque Prosperity Council (DKM), and DAHANA Bikers Community (Kombi) supplied aids which were collected from DAHANA employees for the Subang flood casualties. The delivery of aids commenced on Saturday, February 20, 2021 in Pamanukan Hilir village, Pamanukan District, Subang. The aids were handed over by Fahni Irfansyah on behalf of DAHANA employees.

Pamanukan Hilir Village was again inundated since early Monday morning, February 15, 2021. Until now, the water level remains high with along with high rainfall in several regions in Indonesia, including Subang. The Pamanukan area is a prone area that frequently experiences flooding with a water level height of up to 70 cm.

According to data from the Subang Regency Government, this year’s floods have submerged 11,724 houses in Pamanukan district, and tens of thousands of residents were forced to flee to the posts provided by related institutions. Some residents have returned home to clean up the dirt that was carried away by the flood.

Since the time the flood incident was known to Dahana’s employees, the employees who were members of the three organizations took the initiative to help ease the burden of the people affected by the disaster. The mobilization was carried out through working units and communities of  the explosives company. The collected donated fund was then used to purchase necessities for residents such as fast food, baby food, diapers, clothes, sanitary napkins, masks, and medicines.

According to Wardani, a resident of Pamanukan village, the assistance and hospitality from DAHANA is very meaningful to the flood casualties. In addition to meeting the needs that are difficult for them to procure, DAHANA’s assistance can motivate residents to quickly recover from this difficult condition. Ivan Angga, head of DKM Al Akhdar hopes that the natural disaster will be over soon.

“Hopefully this flood disaster will be over soon so that people can resume their normal daily activities, and in the future the government should look for solutions for better prevention and mitigation,” said Ivan. (yz)