State-owned Enterprises (SoE) Minister Rini M Soemarno along with 15 other SoE Directors on 11-12 May 2019 held a Ramadan Safari in Central Java Province. This safari activity was also centered in Purbalingga Regency. During the Ramadan safari, Rini visited the construction project of Jenderal Soedirman Purbalingga Airport, then continued to do safaris to greet Purbalingga community members and delivered the Community Development assistance or CSR of state-owned companies.

The SoE CSR distribution this time wan not only supplied to Purbalingga Regency, but also to three other districts in Central Java such as Cilacap, Banyumas and Kebumen.

Rini said that the SoE’s CSR assistance distributed to four districts in Central Java was a synergy of 15 state-owned companies in order to participate in the promotion of low-income regions with a certain poverty rates.
The synergy of the 15 state-owned companies included is BNI, BTN, Bank Mandiri, BRI, Angkasa Pura I, Angkasa Pura II, PT KAI, Askrindo, Asabri, Jamkrindo, Sarinah, Djakarta Lloyd, DAHANA, Peruri, and Perumnas.

“I am asking the directors of SoEs from this region to participate in building and advancing their regions, especially Purbalingga, Cilacap and Banyumas. Moreover, Purbalingga is still an area with a poverty rate included in the top five in Central Java,” said Rini. (05/12/2019).

This assistance for Community Development or SoE CSR supplied to the community amounted 2.61 billion rupiah for construction and repair of prayer houses as mosques, mushalas and churches, as well as the construction of supporting facilities in worship houses, donations to orphans and cash for intensive work.
“This is the real form and concern of SoE’s operating the surrounding community. SoE’s should not only make profits but also have continue to realize programs that directly give benefits to the community. During the month of Ramadan, I invite SoEs to provide action and concern for the community. Thank you to SOEs that have contributed to the local community, “added Minister Rini.

Meanwhile in this program, state-owned explosives producer PT DAHANA (Persero) participated in distributing Community Development assistance in the amount of Rp 50,000,000 for the construction and renovation of a mosque in Krajan Village, Pekucen, Banyumas Regency.

DAHANA President Director Budi Antono handed over the aid directly to the Al-Khittoh Mosque management. To the mosque administrators, Budi Antono expressed his hope that the assistance provided by DAHANA could come as contribution for completion of the mosque construction. Renovation of the construction of the Al-Khittoh Mosque has been interrupted during the last two years as residents of the Krajan village have continued to experience crop failures due to the attack of rat pests which resulted in the absence of lower peasant’s income and therefore the lack of contribution for mosque renovation.

With the help of DAHANA, Muawam, the committee member for the construction of the All-Khittoh mosque was very grateful as the charity would make it possible for the committee to resume the construction process to make sure that the community enjoy comfortable worshiping. (SYA)