BANDUNG-PT DAHANA signed a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) on Research and Development of the BNT-250 Bomb Material with the Indonesian Air Force Research and Development Agency, and PT Sari Bahari. The signing was held at the Indonesian Air Force Research and Development Office in Bandung, on Friday, 18 November 2022.

The signing of the R&D was carried out by the Head of the Research and Development Agency, First Marshal (TNI) Susanto, the President Director of PT Sari Bahari, Ricky Hendrik Egam, and the Director of Technology and Development of DAHANA, Suhendra Yusuf RPN.

Mr Yusuf said that cooperation with the Indonesian Air Force Research and Development Agency was a strategic partnership considering that the Indonesian Air Force Research and Development Agency deals with end users. He also hoped that this collaboration will not merely on R&D matters, but will also support DAHANA to be able to produce BNT-250 bombs in an extensive way.

“We hope that from the industrial side we can step into mass production. I have met with researchers several times, including BRIN who said that the ending of the research is the product in which the industry has to carry out mass production, and that is when the role and position of PT Dahana as an industry. May God the Almighty pour His blessing for every and each our effort in the context of BNT 250 Research and Development,” said Mr Yusuf.

Mr Yusuf added that DAHAN appreciated the Air Force R&D agency and PT Sari Bahari as the existing cooperation with both of them has been successful in producing Bomb P Series which is applied to fighter aircraft owned by the Indonesian Air Force. The Bomb P Series also came to the attention of visitors to the Indo Defense Expo & Forum exhibition in Kemayoran from  2 to 5 November 2022.

Following the inauguration of the DEFEND ID Defense Industry holding by President Joko Widodo on April 22, 2022 in Surabaya, DAHANA as a member has been intensively carrying out various strategic collaborations and cooperation to realize the independence of the national Main Weapon System Tool and Equipment. DAHANA is also optimistic that it can become an important player in the global defense industry supply chain.

“We are members of DEFEND ID with a line of competence in energetic materials, namely explosives, both in terms of manufacturing and services. It is our great hope that this R&D in material will run smoothly and successfully to make sure we can reach the mass production stage and ultimately improve the national economy,” concluded Mr Yusuf.


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