SUBANG – PT DAHANA supports the Angkat Sampah Dari Kali (Angsadali) – removing garbage form river – program organized by the Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI) of Subang Regency in collaboration with the Subang Regency Environmental Service. The garbage removal was done the Cigadung River in Subang on 27 October 2022.

Head of DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) unit, Eman Suherman said that DAHANA delivered assistance in the form of food supplies for volunteers and sent 15 personnel for the event related to the Youth Pledge commemoration. He also hoped that the Angsadali’s trash removal activities can serve as a reminder to the residents as not to dump garbage into the river.

“We wish you a happy Youth Pledge Day to the youth of Subang. Hopefully the youth in Subang Regency can serve as the driving force for positive activities in order to build a better Subang, such as this Angsadali activity which is expected to raise awareness for the Subang people not to dump garbage into the river,” said Mr Suherman.

Hundreds of volunteers were seen to go down to the river to pick up trashes. The volunteers consisted of KNPI, the Environment Service, Regional Disaster Management Agency, Tagana Social Service, Subang District Top Leaders, Jasa Tirta 2, Education Office, Cigadung Village, Destana, and DAHANA.

Mr Suherman added that in 2022 DAHANA’s SER program will focus on education, economy, and the environment. As for the environmental program, DAHANA is involved in providing assistance for reforestation of critical lands on the north coast of Subang Regency by planting mangrove trees.

Apart from that, DAHANA along with DEFEND ID have delivered some assistance in planting productive trees to the Subang Regency Environmental Service which is expected to help solve the problem of climate change and raise benefit the community.

“Hopefully DAHANA’s efforts can make Subang better, particularly in avoiding or minimizing the flood disaster that haunts people in Subang Regency,” concluded Mr Suherman.

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