Subang Regent H. Ruhimat appointed PT DAHANA (Persero) President Director Budi Antono as chair of the Subang Regency Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Forum (TJSLP/CSR). The appointment of DAHANA’s president director as chair of the Subang CSR Forum was announced by H. Ruhimat at the inaugural meeting of the Subang Regency CSR Forum on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at the Subang Regional Government Office.

H. Ruhimat stated that the establishment of the Subang Regency CSR Forum is in accordance with the Regental Regulation No. 86 of 2019 concerning amendments to Regental Regulations no. 56 of 2017 on Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSLP).

The purpose of establishment of a CSR forum is to realize the implementation of TJSLP in harmony and synergy with the development program of the Subang Regency government and in support to the 9 Jawara (excellent) Subang programs.

Meanwhile, in his remarks, Budi Antono pointed out that the appointment of PT DAHANA (Persero) as the coordinator of the Subang District CSR Forum is an important mandate for DAHANA. Budi asked for support from the local government, Apindo and companies in Subang to collaborate in this CSR Forum in hoping that such collaboration will encourage faster, more efficient and targeted development to realize Subang JAWARA.

“This mandate also complements our responsibilities within the Ministry of SOEs who also serves as the TJSL coordinator for the Defense and Manufacturing Industry clusters. It is our hope that each programs can complement and strengthen each other,” said Budi Antono.

Budi continued that DAHANA until the first semester of 2020, TJSLP assistance in Subang Regency amounted to Rp. 527,520,040, – consisting of Natural Disaster Assistance, Assistance for handling Covid 19, Assistance for Education and sports facilities and Stimulus for delays of repayment of Partners affected by Covid-19.

“Also in October, like what we have done in the previous years within the framework of DAHANA’s anniversary, we will intensify our CSR programs with various programs such as the assisted village program, free medical treatment, reforestation, anti-drug campaigns, stunting socialization, clean water normalization, joyful week for children, free wifi, free webinars and others, “explained Budi.

Budi also said that according to the roadmap from the Ministry of SOE’s, DAHANA’s future CSR work program will apply the principles of Sustainable Development Goals for the short term with 6 focuses in the form of:

1. Poverty alleviation
2. Quality education
3. Decent work and economic growth
4. Assurance of Healthy and Prosperous Life
5. Clean and affordable energy
6. Development of innovative industry

“It is our hope that this roadmap is also in line with the Regent’s program so that as said at the beginning, we can complement and strengthen each other. We would like thank you for the trust given to DAHANA