PT DAHANA (Persero) organized Covid-19 vaccination in collaboration with the Cibogo Health Center held a public for residents around the Cibogo District, Subang. The vaccination was given On Saturday July 3, 2021 at  the DAHANA soccer field.


The vaccination was offered to the pre-elderly and elderly and available for 550 vaccine recipients as was conveyed by the Head of DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility program, Eman Suherman.


“Owing to this community Covid-19 vaccination  for the community, we hope to be able to stop the spread of Covid-19, which has recently risen again,” Eman hoped.


Apart from provision of public vaccination for Cibogo residents, previously DAHANA had made several efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Among others by spraying disinfectant liquid at several points of public facilities in Subang Regency, distributing masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical personnel at several health centers in the Subang area and Ciereng Subang Hospital, and provision of staple food  for people who directly affected economically by the Covid-19 pandemic.


“DAHANA is always consistent and works hand in hand with several other agencies to take active roles in preventing the spread of Covid-19,” said Eman.


The vaccination held by DAHANA received a positive appreciation from the Cibogo District government. Sri Novia, Head of Cibogo Sub-district  hoped that such public vaccinations would both increase and improve human body’s immunity the corona virus to allow people to be more productive in carrying out their daily activities.


“I thank DAHANA for their concern about the community around the company, hopefully this pandemic can be resolved soon,” said Sri.


Meanwhile, Yayat Sukarna, a resident of Kampung Maratuswho received the Covid-19 vaccine from DAHANA, was grateful to be able to participate in the vaccination given by DAHANA that day.


“Thank God, thanks to the public vaccination from DAHANA.  I was finally able to receive the vaccine. It us my hope that DAHANA will be more successful and gets advanced in its business to sustainably give positive impacts on the people around DAHANA,” said hoped.