Following its official inauguration by President Joko Widodo on April 20 in Surabaya, the SOEs Defense Industry Holding or also known as Defense Industry Indonesia (DEFEND ID) quickly moves forward, by accelerating the integration process from forming a Council Meeting to forming four integration teams of DEFEND ID that will oversee the revival of the national defense industry.

The four DEFEND ID integration teams consist of Integration Team 1 which is in charge of Finance, Risk Management, HR & General Functions (Corporate Secretary, Public Relations, Legal, Internal Audit Unit, & GCG); Integration Team 2 which is accountable for Marketing and Cooperation; Integration Team 3 which is responsible for Operations, Manufacturing & Business Process; and Integration Team 4 for Information Technology (IT), Technology, HR Qualification and Certification, & Supply Chain

One of the integration team meetings, Integration Team 4 to be precise, was held at DAHANA’s Central Management Office (Campus) located in Subang, West Java on June 3, 2022. The team’s discussion was focused on the DEFEND ID work program in the field of Information Technology.

“I am representing the Management of PT DAHANA to welcome you to Dahana Campus. As for the IT sector, this is the first meeting held at DAHANA after the offline meetings during the pandemic,” said Suhendra Yusuf RPN, Director of Technology & Development of PT DAHANA.

Mr Yusuf also said that DEFEND ID formed Integration Teams 1 to 4 as a strategic step to replace the role of the Project Management Unit (PMO) with the aim of overseeing the implementation of the holding’s work program during the transition prior to the formation of a more definitive organization.

Previously, the Integration 4 Team had organized various series of meetings and discussions to succeed the IT work program which was the target of the DEFEND ID’s Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in 2022, and implemented the programs that had been proclaimed in the DEFEND ID’s MPTI.

“We, who are getting together today, are the Integration Team for Information Technology 4, with the task of carrying out IT work programs. As we are all aware of, in 2022, the IT Integration Team 4 has held several meetings to determine the IT work program to be carried out jointly by SOEs DEFEND ID,” Mr Yusuf.