DAHANA held health instruction events for pregnant women and teenage girls, and supplied additional nutrition for pregnant women and toddlers. This stunting eradication program was implemented in commemoration of 2nd anniversary of DEFEND ID which took place in Bale DAHANA, Subang, West Java. March 1, 2024.

Chair of PT DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) unit, Eman Suherman, said that the stunting eradication program is a priority program for SER in the health sector. In recent years, DAHANA has actively provided instructions programs for eradication of stunting and supplied additional nutrition to pregnant women and toddlers in various places in Indonesia.

“This program is a form of the Company’s support for the government’s program to achieve zero stunting in Indonesia, especially around the company. We hope that this activity can be an inspiration for other institutions to collaborate to solve the problems faced by society,” said Mr Suherman.

The Head of Cibogo Sub-district and the Cibogo Community Health Center team were also present in the activity which was attended by pregnant women, toddlers, Cibogo Vocational School students, cadres of integrated service stations, midwives, and DAHANA millennials. The participants appreciated the activities organized by DAHANA, as stated by Fitri who fully supported the stunting education activities, and hoped that their reach could be expanded.

According to Miss Fitri, it is important for young people, millennials, gen-z and teenagers like herself to get introduced to stunting issues. So far, low ability to read and slow physical development are considered normal, which in fact, is the result of a lack of nutrition during pregnancy and early childhood.

“In our opinion, this program should be carried out frequently, especially with young people, that getting married and having children requires adequate knowledge, so that future generations are no longer trapped in stunting conditions. This is a good program, and we hope that more young people will become aware of such issues,” said Miss Fitri.