PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Program (TJSL) organized another public health service activity. In collaboration with the West Java Provincial Health Office and the Cibogo Health Center Unit, Dahana carried out a campaign for eradication of leprosy held at the Bale Musyawarah Kampung of Cihurip neighbourhood, Padaasih Village, Subang Regency on Wednesday, August 25, 2021.


Improvement of the health of the surrounding community is one of Dahana’s management concerns. This was conveyed by the chairman of TJSL Dahana Eman Suherman. According to Eman, the given anti-leprosy campaign is one of the programs to improve the health of the people around Dahana.


“This is a real action for breaking the chain of leprosy transmission, one of which is by conducting socialization about leprosy through community meetings like what we have today in which Dahana is working together with the West Java Provincial Health Office,” said Eman Suherman.


Apart from the campaign for the eradication of leprosy, Dahana has always consistently carried out health programs for the community. One of them is the stunting prevention program for toddlers and free regular medical treatment during the annual CSR Week  activities.


Sukarta, one of the residents who has leprosy said that leprosy is not a cursed disease. Leprosy is not an incurable hereditary disease either. Leprosy can be cured. These are among the messages that are continually conveyed by medical officers at the Health Center to the community.


In the past, said Sukarta, some people thought that leprosy was a cursed disease and could not be cured. The negative stigma makes people with leprosy prefer to hide themselves.


“But now, people who are positive for leprosy and their families have started to open up and willingly have themselves examined at the Health Center,” explained Sukarta.