SUBANG – In order to strengthen cyber security at PT DAHANA, the National Cyber ​​and Cypher Agency (BSSN) of the Republic of Indonesia held a Cyber ​​Security Maturity (CSM) assessment on this explosives company. Director of Cyber ​​Security and Industrial Cypher, Intan Rahayu and her entourage were welcome by DAHANA’s Director of Technology and Development, Suhendra Yusuf RPN with DAHANA’s IT team, on Tuesday 12 July 2022 at DAHANA Campus, Subang.

In his remarks, Mr Yusuf said that DAHANA is a member of the Defense Industry SOEs Holding DEFEND ID, which is also closely related to cyber security issues. It has a high concern on the needs of technology, especially in the field of Information Technology. Currently, DAHANA continues to develop IT to support the Company’s activities.

“We are highly concerned about the world of cyber and cyber security, as we believe that the technology also creates also negative effect to the world, ranging from cyber crime to cyber terrorism. We thank you for the collaboration between BSSN and DAHANA,” said Mr Yusuf.

For Dahana as a National Vital Object, Cyber ​​Security issues are very crucial. Therefore, DAHANA signed a confidentiality agreement with BSSN in order to ensure that the data and information provided for the cyber security maturity self-assessment verification process can be maintained.

The signing of the confidentiality agreement with BSSN is a continuation of the memorandum of understanding for cooperation in cyber security which was signed by both parties on October 28, 2019.

“The aim is to find out the position of the Cyber ​​Security Maturity in DAHANA and to be able to make advancement and improvements out of the results of the given assessment,” Mr Yusu continued.

According to Novian Tiandini, Supervisor of Planning and IT Governance of DAHANA, in general the results of CSM verification have improved from the results of the self-assessment conducted by DAHANA.

“The stages of assessment include DAHANA’s initial self-assessment first, followed by BSSN team’s involvement to verify the results of DAHANA’s self-assessment by directly looking at the evidence.  Thank God, the score of DAHANA’s CSM has increased,” said Miss Tiandini.