The Aceh Oil and Gas Management Agency (BPMA) paid a visit PT DAHANA in preparation for oil and gas exploration activities to be conducted by Repsol Andaman. The visit that was represented by the Head of the Operational Support Division of (BPMA) Hafizullah and the Repsol Security Manager was held at the DAHANA Campus, Subang, Thursday, February 24, 2022.


During his speech, Mr Hafizullah said that his company needed support from relevant agencies for exploitation of oil and gas, especially from DAHANA as an explosives company that is also engaged in the oil and gas business line.


“BPMA has been established to manage oil and gas resources in Aceh. It is our hope that that the collaboration with DAHANA can run smoothly,” said Mr Hafizullah.

Repsol’s Security Manager, Ray Sendouw also said that Repsol’s activities are mostly related to exploration and blasting in which Repsol will require the right explosives in every drilling activity. With the visit, Mr Sendouw wished to get support from DAHANA in every exploration activity.


PT DAHANA is Indonesian mecca for explosives. Owing to its extensive experiences, DAHANA serves various businesses related to explosives, such as general mining, construction and quarrying, the military, and the oil and gas sector.


In view of the oil and gas sector, DAHANA provides integrated explosives services such as warehousing, licensing, production of explosives, import & re-export of explosives supply, transportation, and destruction of explosives. Under such integrated service, DAHANA is able to help consumers to access competitive explosives services.


DAHANA’s President Director Wildan Widarman who was accompanied by the Head of the Energetic Material Center (EMC) of DAHANA warmly welcomed the visit from BPMA. He wished that DAHANA, as a state-owned company, could continue to support BPMA in oil and gas exploration activities.


“Thank you for the cooperation established with DAHANA so far. We are an industry operating in the supporting sectors, one of which is the oil and gas sector. It is our hope that this visit will benefit all of us,” said Mr Widarman.


After the visit, the BPMA had the opportunity to tour the Ring 1 Plant, witnessing the explosives production process at explosives factories in the Energetic Material Center area and inspecting DAHANA’s PLB & Non-PLB warehouses.