PT DAHANA (Persero) is a state-owned enterprise operating in manufacture and service in high energy materials. The products consist of explosives for both the commercial and military sectors. The explosives business is practically full of risks because of the impact it may cause. The Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) system has become an important element in support to the company’s operational safety.

The unique management of DAHANA’s OSH system has attracted BATAN to conduct a comparative study at DAHANA. This comparative study was carried out on Thursday, August 29, 2019. The group of 30 people was received by the Manager of Public Relations & Institutional Affairs PT DAHANA (Persero) Juli Jajuli, System Development Manager Ismail Kurbani and System Development Supervisor Danny Armeidian.

DAHANA’s staffer of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment & Technology Section, Ika Sulistyaningtyas explained that the agenda of BATAN’s visit to DAHANA this time was to exchange information on the OSH management system.

“Today’s agenda is to share about the development of the Occupational Safety and Health Management system implemented at DAHANA,” Ika said.

Meanwhile, during his speech, DAHANA Senior Manager for Production and Support Bagus Teguh Eko shared DAHANA’s experience in handling OSH management.

BATAN is responsible for carrying out governmental tasks in the field of research, development and utilization of nuclear science and technology in accordance with statutory provisions. Research, development and utilization of nuclear science and technology in Indonesia is merely directed for peaceful purposes and as much as possible for the welfare of the people of Indonesia. A comparative study to DAHANA which has a business in the field of high energy materials is considered relevant.

In addition to the sharing sessions, the BATAN group also had the opportunity to tour factories and warehouses in the DAHANA Ring 1 area. The visit was finalized with a group photo session on the PT DAHANA (Persero) Campus yard. (rmt)