DAHANA campus always attracts the academic world, especially those majoring in mining and mining industry. 51 students of mining engineering of Universitas Bangka Belitung (UBB) visited DAHANA in Subang on July 2018.

“The students coming to DAHANA for the field study this time are those in the 5th semester,” said Irvani, Accompanying Lecturer.
Irvani added that their Filed Study agenda is always in Java, among others to PT DAHANA (Persero). “This field study to DAHANA is the second after last year,” said Irvani.

Setiawan, a student who was also chief of the field study said that the visit to DAHANA was simply a the answer to his curiosity about DAHANA that he heard from his senior who had been to DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) a year earlier.

“We heard about DAHANA from our senior. And today we finally make it to visit DAHANA,” said Setiawan.

The mining industry is inseparable from blasting activity which also applies in studies of mining engineering, among others, the introduction of blasting techniques and explosives.

During the occasion, the students got some information oh types of explosives and blasting techniques a la DAHANA, which was directly presented by Rina Erita, Senior Manager of K3LH & Technology. The students enthusiastically enjoyed the session with a lot of questions raised.

The students in green uniform also got the chance to enter Ring 1 area, which is a restricted area, to see the assembly process of explosive accessories for mining blasting at the Non-electric Detonator.