PT DAHANA (Persero), the a state-owned enterprise producing explosives are expanding its business lines ranging from distribution, marketing and construction of new manufacturing plants for improving explosive productivity.

For production, apart from extensive support of raw material and equipment, DAHANA also made necessary improvement in application of technology and innovation in order to deliver quality products.

DAHANA’s quality explosive products are popular with both local and international producers and users. One of the foreign producers is Johnex Explosives, a reputable explosive manufacturer and blasting service provide in Australia.

Dadan Munawar, Senior Manager DTU 2, said Johnex Explosive has grown their interest of using DAHANA’s explosive products. “Last month Johnex Explosive visited DAHANA’s plant and directly saw the process of explosive manufacturing and availability,” said Dadan Munawar to Dfile.

Dadan further explained that Johnex Explosive is an the 4th largest explosive and explosive service provider in Australia for both open pit and underground blasting. “This company has a good reputation in term of underground blasting service,” Dadan added.

Johnex’s visit to DAHANA was represented by Managing Director David Blythwood. Dadan said the visit was intended for preliminary talk for potential future collaboration. “Johnex is seeking supplying partner for the high explosive demand in Australia,” said Dadan.

“Johnex will order commercial explosive products from DAHANA, especially Dayagel Extra for underground blasting and PENTOLITE BOOSTER,” Dadan added.

Dayagel Extra is a high power emulsion explosive which is highly sensitive to detonators. The product comes in grey color and packaged in poly-uretan wrapping. This product is waterproof and designed to generate huge primary energy with relatively high mass explosive for mining blasting.

“However, Johnex’s appreciation after the visit to DAHANA’s explosive manufacturing plant in Subang indicates another interest to nonel detonator and booster to fulfill the demand of explosive in Australia,” Dadan concluded. (SYA)