Towards end of the holy month of Ramadan 1442 AH, PT DAHANA (Persero) collaborated with the Subang Region’s Quick Response Action (ACT) organized a Ramadan Food Alms Movement program by distributing 1,000 iftar packages to communities around companies in Sadawarna village and several social foundations in Subang Regency on Wednesday,  5 May 2021.


The event which was held at Bale DAHANA prior to the fast-breaking time was attended by Director of Finance & HR Asmorohadi, representing the company management; Regional Assistant 1 for Subang Regency Dwinan, Cibogo Military Command Chief Hendrawan, Cibogo Distcruc Police chief Asep, Head of Cibogo District Sri Novita and several other invited guests.


During his speech, Asmorohadi conveyed that 1,000 fast-breaking meal packages were part if DAHANA’s concern to others, which was implemented in collaboration with Subang chapter ACT Subang and involved elements such as DAHANA Bikers Community who had often been involved in the Company’s Corporate Social and Environment Responsibility program.


Asmorohadi also stated that several programs carried out by DAHANA in the 2021 Gema Ramadhan activities included cleaning of mosques and delivery of Covid-19 protocol equipment to mosques in Sadawarna village, distributing 250 staple food packages for the elderly and the poor in Sadawarna village, distributing basic necessities to 10 orphanages throughout Subang Regency, as well as delivery of 1,000 iftar packages in collaboration with ACT Subang.


“It is our hope that what we are doing now will return in blessings, so that Allah SWT will be pleased and bestow us with a lot of favours,” said Asmorohadi.


The Ramadhan Food Alms Movement program implemented by DAHANA and ACT received positive appreciation from the Subang Regency government, as represented by the Regional Assistant 1 for the Subang Regency Government, Dwinan.


“I am representing the Subang Regency government to express my gratitude to all parties involved in this activity. Let us spread such kindness in this holy month, to share happiness with others,” said Dwinan.


The Head of Subang chapter ACT Heru Budianto also said the same thing. Heru hoped that this collaboration can be well established in the future.


“There are still many programs to do. I hope our collaboration does not end here,” concluded Heru. (rmt)