PT DAHANA (Persero) is growing more concerned to the people living in the company’s surrounding area, especially those living in Sadawarna village.

Through its CSR unit, the explosives company of which the head office is located in Subang, gave a set of computer to be used at the office of the Sadawarna Village’s Head on Monday (22/04).

Unlike similar events, this time the event was held at the Secretariat Building of Dahana’s KAMPUS (Central Management Office) instead of the place where the aid was given at. Given directly by PT Dahana’s Company Secretary Mamat Ruhimat, the aid packet consisted of a set of computer, a printer unit and a wall clock.
Mamat Ruhimat said that aid was given to tighten the relationship between Dahana and the people of Sadawarna, as well as to introduce the CSR unit staffs to the new Sadawarana Village Head. The Village Head, Samsudin admitted that he was very thankful for the aid given by PT Dahana CSR May 2013Dahana. “The computer would be of great benefit to maximize our service to the people.” said Samsudin.

The village head which was appointed last October hoped that the relationship between the company and the people of Sadawarna would continue to be harmonious as it was at the time being. “In the future the surrounding people may even be able to participate in both formal and informal Dahana events.” he added.
Besides giving direct aid, PT Dahana’s CSR unit also launched several programs for the surrounding people. The company plans to construct water drainage to prevent flood in Cikareo in the near future. The CSR unit also plans to increase the road quality from Sadawarna Village Office to the Sadawarna Village, rehab several patrol posts and the Sadwarna Elemantary School classrooms, repair alleys in Sadawarna, as well as construct gate at the entrance of the Sariasih village. (IDR)