Tuesday, (18/12) PT Dahana (Persero) through its Partnership and Community Development Program (PKBL) held a basic food/grocery bazaar.

The event, which was fully supported by BUMN Cares, was greeted with appreciation and enthusiasm by people from the surrounding area of Cibogo, Subang.

The 2012 BUMN Cares Bazaar, which was held at the office yard of Dahana’s PKBL, provided inexpensive grocery packages of 1 kg sugar, 10 kg rice and 1 L cooking oil. Each package is worth Rp 100,000.00 and may be exchanged with a Rp 30,000.00 worth of coupon. PT Dahana’s PKBL only presented 3,794 grocery packages.

Susilo Hertanto, the Finance and HRD Director of PT Dahana, in his speech uttered that the SOE Ministry had appointed PT Dahana to execute the 2012 BUMN Cares Inexpensive Bazaar Program. “The program is actually nothing compared to what the people need at the moment. Nevertheless, at least the program is a form of the company’s concern in sharing with the surrounding community.” he said.

The event gained appreciation from the local government. The Cibogo Subdistrict Head, Sri Novia expressed her happiness and gratitude towards PT Dahana for organizing the inexpensive bazaar event.

“Just a few moments ago we received free medical treatment and nutritional improvements for children from Dahana. Now we are given the ease of acquiring groceries with inexpensive price. We hope that these social activities will still be held continuously in the future. Let’s support Dahana and pray that it will continue to grow and be more successful.” Sri Novia said in her speech.

Lelly Sosidhalia, head of Dahana’s PKBL, revealed that the inexpensive grocery packages are distributed not only in the 9 villages of Cibogo, but also to people outside of Cibogo. They were very enthusiastic in participating in the program. “The inexpensive grocery packages are also distributed to the villages of Soklat, Wanareja and Karang Anyar.” she added.

As part of the Indonesian society, Dahana of which 100% of its share is owned by the government always strives to be a trustworthy and liable company, and also fulfills the mission to contribute to the Indonesian society in order to improve the economy of the people. Not only is this an obligation, it is also Dahana’s mission to grow together with its partners and give impartial benefits between business profits and the development of the surrounding community. Dahana’s CSR activities are focused on the sectors of SME partnership development, education, health, religious as well as providing aid relief at areas affected by disaster.