Sharing convenience with those in need can be done not only with material goods, but also with blood.

Healthy people may donor their blood for those in need. It is the sharing of convenience and happiness that put the foundation for the 47th Dahana Anniversary Committee to organize a Blood Donor Program with the employees of PT DAHANA (Persero). The event was held in Bale Dahana Building, Jl. Subang-Cikamurang on Wednesday, October 9, 2013.

“We intend to share happiness with others. By blood donor, we can at least provide blood for those in need,” said Agus Setiawan, the Chairperson of Dahana Anniversary committee to DFile amid the event.

In such event, the committee cooperated with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Subang Branch. PMI succeeded in gathering at least 54 bags of blood from the employees of PT Dahana.

According to Edi, a volunteer of Subang PMI, there are so many healthy people today, but only a few has the awareness to donor their blood.

PMI always calls for blood. This event may at least add to the existing blood reserve. “Alhamdullillah, thanks to the employees of PT Dahana who have been willing to donor their blood. It helps us a lot,” said Edi. (SYA)