In commemoration of 73rd Indonesia independence anniversary and SOE’s Presence for the Country programs, DAHANA successfully held some events in Subang regency ranging from independence day ceremony, construction of community library, renovation of school facilities and low price staple food bazaar.

The series of events for the SOE’s Presence for the Country 2018 di West Java was concluded with Fun Walk and People’s Festival event. The event held on 19 August 2018 got huge enthusiasm of the local people of Subang Regency.

Nearly 3,500 people were there at the Fun Walk and People’s Festival located at Lapangan Bintang Subang. People were flowing to the event venue since early morning for the Fun Walk.

Participants of Fun Walk enjoyed their time and happy with the red and white cap and t-shirts provided by the Fun Walk committee. Participants were waiting patiently at the START line while SOE’s directors were ready on stage for the fun walk kick-off. Subang Regent caretaker Ating Rusnatim flew the start flag and participants set off for the joyful walk.
Before the walk kick-off, Subang Regent caretaker gave a speech saying he was proud and happy that the Subang Regency had the honor of hosting the peak events for SOE’s Presence for the Country 2018 events.

“The appointment of Subang as host of the events is truly an advantage to the regency as we have a lot of help and collaboration with the SOE’s. This way we have the opportunity to grow the synergy for the SOE’s Presence for the Country program,” said Ating Rusnatim. (19/08/2018).

During the Fun Walk, participants covered a distance of 7 km. Tono, a Subang citizen, one the Fun Walk participants said that the Fun Walk organized by SOE is really joyful during which he could have the happy time and sport with his family. “We do sport and vie for doorprize,” Tono said followed by laughter from other surrounding participants.

One brand new motorbike was offered as the grand prize. Participants were waiting patiently for the prize drawing. Following the fun walk, participants helped themselves with all kinds of free snacks and food under the people’s festival nuance and sensation.

In addition to booths of free snack and delicacies, the festival also offered displays of Small Scale Enterprise (SSE)’s products ranging from food, clothes and handicrafts. The kerajinan. The small scale enterprises participating in the festival are under partnership program with the SOE.

Subang Regent, accompanied with SOE directors visited each of SSE’s booths. DAHANA’s President Director Budi Antono was also there. He visited and introduced Dahana’s SSE partners to other SOE’s directors. The two DAHANA’s SSE’s partners were those running food processing business.

The People Festival was made merrier by the presence of popular dangdut singer Siti Badriah whose song titled “Lagi Syantik” is now in high popularity. The singer successfully turned the Lapang Bintang Subang into a joyful entertaining area with people singing along and dancing to the trending song. (SYA)