PT DAHANA (Persero) held a Social and Environmental Responsibility Committee Meeting (TJSL) for DAHANA’s CSR Program for 2022. The meeting attended by the Director of Finance, Risk Management and HR Ahyanizzaman and held online via a zoom meeting on Thursday, December 29, 2021.


Mr Ahyanizzaman said in his speech, all DAHANA employees can contribute to DAHANA’s ‘big house’, either by giving input or suggestions for company development. Apart from that, he also said that DAHANA’s TJSL can provide benefits, especially for the community around the company.


“With our existing programs, we must make optimal efforts to share with the surrounding community, even though we are currently facing various challenges. TJSL is a TJSL is a mandate,” said Mr Ahyanizzaman.


Meanwhile, according to the chairman of DAHANA’s TJSL Eman Suherman, DAHANA’s CSR program has been adjusted to the direction of the Ministry of SOE’s Circulars numbered S-787/MBU/10/2021 and S-188/DSI.MBU/10/2021 on the Implementation of the SOE TJSL Program in 2022, and Regulation of the Minister of SOEs number PER-05/MBU/04/2021 on  SOE’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Programs.


“In 2022, we are going to have several excellent programs. In term of education, there will be Nursery Edupark, Scholarships, and Assistance for Education Facilities; in the environmental field we have Clean Village programs, Greening of Critical Lands, and Organic Waste Processing; and in the field of UMK development we have a Partnership program, Certified Assistance, UMK Exhibition and Training, as well as Business Facility Assistance for New Entrepreneurs and People with Disabilities,” said Mr Suherman.


In addition, DAHANA’s TJSL, who was entrusted with being the coordinator of TJSL for Subang Regency, has also implemented Corporate Shared Value in preparing its programs, such as utilizing waste through organic compost for smallholders on company land.


This flagship program will involve other units within the company, such as the utilization of the Energetic Material Center (EMC) waste which will be managed into organic fertilizer and can be utilized by the farmers working on the company’s land. This will help  optimize company assets, and can create economic stimulus for smallholders.


Mr Suherman also said that TJSL is committed to organizing programs that are part of DAHANA’s business processes, as well as improving the economic welfare of the community around the company. At least 70 percent of TJSL’s budget is intended for the community around DAHANA’s Central Management Office in Subang.